OUR PACKAGING - Packaged to Impress

Open it up to reveal that you're part of eclater trend and ready to share the sparkle. You can tag your photos wearing our pieces with #ECLATERMUSE for a chance to be featured on our socials. 

Our website, facebook page, and contact email is also indicated just in case you have inquiries - stamped in reflective gold foil.

Each piece of jewelry is gently stored into a Jewellery Dust Bag on a special insert, secured so your jewels won't move around. The pouch is the perfect way to store your eclater jews at home or when you're traveling.

It keeps your jewelry dirt, dust, and tangle-free and features a drawstring that can be tied as a ribbon. Its size is small enough to keep our jews secured and dust-free. 

We want to make our muses feel special and to express our gratitude, we have added an insert Thank You card. It also comes with an easy-to-reference Jewelry Care guide to clean and care for your jewelry.

Our eyes always light up every time we see an order wrapped up and ready to ship, and our hearts swell when a customer praises it. We always aim to provide a great unboxing experience!

A sneek pick to our Bags' packaging. 

You can also personalized how your eclater pieces be wrapped. Check our Packaging Collections for more options. 

Open yours and share it online, using #ECLATERMUSE.