RING SIZE GUIDE: Accurately Measure Your Ring Size

Among the many intimidating things with buying  ring online is finding your ring size. How will you know a ring will fit without trying it on? 

Whether you're looking for your first ring or you're already a stacking connoisseur, we've got your back!

We have simple ways to measure your ring size, quick tips, and some information on international ring size conversions.

The sizes in our website are in US sizes. You can find your US finger size by using the international size chart and convert your size.

If you don't know your finger size, you can measure the inside diameter of an existing ring (in mm), and convert it to USA size using the chart below.

If you're between sizes, we suggest to choose the bigger size!
FYI: the most common ring sizes for women's ring fingers are US6 and US7.

The most efficient and accurate way to reveal your finger size is by measuring it with a RING SIZER which can be purchased from our storeThis easy-to-use ring sizing gauge allows you to quickly determine your correct ring size without having to send it back for a size exchange.

  • Choose which finger you want the ring for. Remember, your fingers are all different sizes!
  • Push the end of the ring sizer through the 'buckle' so it forms a ring shape, and slide the sizer onto the intended finger.
  • Adjust the tightness until you have a comfortable fit. Shake your fingers a bit to make sure it's not too loose!
  • When you have the right fit, read the size indicated by the arrow. In the example below, the model's middle finger is a size 8.5

Is your finger a whole size? Easy peasy! Select that size.

Is your finger a half size? We only sell whole sizes. Adjust the ring sizer to the nearest whole size (i.e. go down a half-size and up a half-size) and choose which one feels more comfortable. If you're not sure, it's always safer to choose the bigger size.