GOLD PLATED JEWELLERIES: The Cheapest Alternative to Show Up your Sparkle

Gold jewelleries can add elegance and class to any outfit! However, real gold jewellery is unfortunately very expensive. Gold plated jewelleries is the ANSWER! Why a HERO? It takes all sorts of jewellery and turns it to gold!

Gold plated jewellery offers a budget-friendly option to buying pure gold jewellery. It gives you the look and the style without the high price tag that comes with gold.



Gold plating is a process where a thin layer of gold is applied to metals such as silver, steel or copper which makes jewellery looks like gold. 

The process of gold plating requires several stages.

  • First of all, the ornament must be thoroughly cleaned, and all dirt and oil should be removed. The ornament can be cleaned by using ultrasonic, steam or electro- cleaning methods.
  • After the base metal has been cleaned, it’s coated with a layer of good quality nickel. The nickel acts as a buffer and protect the gold from the base metals. 
  • Once the nickel has been applied, the ornament is dipped into a container that has liquid gold.
  • To bind the base metals with the gold, a positive electrical charge is used.
  • Finally, the ornament is taken out and dried.


Pros of Gold Plated Jewellery

  • Gold plated jewellery items are affordable. Gold plated jewellery items are the most inexpensive when comparing them to gold filled or solid gold jewelry items. They typically range between $5 to $50. Because gold plated items are so affordable, more people have begun to buy and wear them!
  • Looks like real gold! To the untrained eye, you can’t tell that it is not real gold!
  • They make great decoration.The plating process allows the item to look like solid gold, while being more affordable. Therefore, gold plated jewellery can bring the perfect touch of brilliance and decoration to any outfit!
  • They are easy to make and there are more design possibilities.Gold plated jewellery items are best for trends. By having a gold plated jewellery item, you can be a part of the trend, without worrying that you’ve made a huge investment into something that will not last long. Thus, gold plated jewellery has a lot of design possibilities and can be used for a lot of different occasions.

  • Gold plated items are very strong and durable. Gold plated jewellery items are stronger than solid gold items and will last longer. Gold is a very soft and malleable metal; the higher the karat, the softer and more malleable the item is.

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Cons of Gold Plated Jewelry

  • It will tarnish! Gold plated jewelry items will definitely tarnish over time, though solid gold items will not tarnish at all. Gold plated items have a base metal underneath the gold plate, like copper or silver, which makes the jewelry piece stronger and less likely to bend, though these jewellery metals tarnish. In a gold plated jewelry item, the metal beneath the gold plate will eventually come to the surface and become discolored, so it will need to be polished frequently to keep its shine. The reason that gold plated jewelry tarnishes is because the molecules of the base metals eventually transfer into the thin layer of gold, causing the gold layer to break down.

  • The plating can be scratched or chipped. After a few weeks of wearing your gold plated jewellery item, the gold plate is likely to start chipping, wearing, or flaking off. The reason for this is because the gold layer is so thin and not very durable itself. Gold is a very soft metal and can easily be scratched unless alloyed with other metals to make it stronger.

  • The amount of gold is minimal and can lead to a lower value. The layer of gold on gold plated items is the least amount of gold when compared to gold filled or solid gold items. Thus, the gold plate is very thin and susceptible to flaking off. Since the gold content is so low in gold plated items, the value is low.

  • Can’t wear gold plated items in water. Showering with gold plated jewellery or immersing the item under water for long periods of time can cause the gold layer to completely wear off.


    How Do I Take Care Of My Gold-Plated Jewelry?

    When taking care of your gold-plated, the main things you are guarding against are tarnishing, fading, and scratches.While fading and wear will happen over time, you can slow these down and extend the life of your gold-plated treasures.

    Tarnishing- The main thing that causes tarnishing is moisture, particularly harsh chemicals.

    As stated above, if you wish to wear beautiful gold-plated jewellery, you have to get in the mindset of being conscious you are wearing it, and being wiling to take it off as needed.

    • Be sure to take off any gold-plated items before swimming, since chlorine is murder on them.

    • The other thing is exercise, since sweat leads to tarnishing. If you’re using perfume or lotions in areas covered by plated jewellery, be sure to let it dry before putting the jewelry on.

    • Storing the jewellery is important to avoid tarnishing. Don’t store gold-plated jewellery with silver jewellery: you’ll get chemical reactions from the clashing metals that will speed up tarnishing.

    Fading- If you’re following the steps to avoid tarnishing, you’re mostly good. One additional tip—to avoid fading—is to faithfully clean your gold-plateds.

    • Use a soft jewelry cloth and do not use a polishing cloth—that is where fading comes in.

    Scratching- This one is pretty easy. Just don’t sore gold-plated jewellery with other types.

    • A plastic bag is best because it prevents oxidization.


    Gold-plated jewellery can be the way to go to look good on a budget. It’s just important to remember how to take care of it to preserve its color. 

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