éclater | Brand Story


Founded in 2018 by two Hong Kong-based female entrepreneurs with a passion for modern minimalist jewellery, éclater is a contemporary jewellery brand that brings together classic design elements with a thought-leading approach to affordable accessorising.


On a mission to promote self-expression and empowerment, our unique designs and delicately crafted pieces are mindfully made to exist as an extension of your character, allowing you to express your one-of-a-kind style without saying a word.


Subtle Minimalism Meets Timeless Class

Our core belief is that your jewellery is more than an accessory. It is an expression of your inner self, a reflection of your personal story, and an invitation to explore the unknown. Far from expensive luxuries that live in a box on your shelf, you should be able to wear your jewellery collection every day, bringing you joy and inspiration wherever you go.


Fuelled by this mission, éclater presents a thoughtful collection of versatile, affordable pieces that embrace subtle minimalism and deliver a premium aesthetic without the hefty price tag. There are myriad ways to express your story and the versatility at the heart of every éclater piece empowers you to do just that. This means you can mix, match, and layer our pieces to create a wide range of looks that compliment your every mood and movement, accentuating the distinctive features that make you uniquely YOU!


Break Out & Shine


At éclater, we believe that every person has the power to break out of their shell and radiate their natural beauty. Our goal is to empower you to express yourself unapologetically, no matter what life throws your way. The foundation of our name is based on the French word éclat, which translates to 'dazzle and shine'. This refers to our vision of you shining brighter than ever when you confidently embrace your true self.


We then went further to expand our name to éclater, the French word for 'break out and explode', to express our hope that you have the courage to step out into the world and make every day more extraordinary than the last.


When you put on an éclater piece, we want you to feel empowered to wear your story, inspired to celebrate your personal style, and confident enough to embody the very best version of yourself. In short, shine on and be unafraid to let your signature style explode!


Accentuating Your Natural Beauty


The éclater ethos is that elegance doesn't have to be expensive. Our jewellery pieces are designed with affordability and longevity in mind, without compromising on quality, comfortability, or style. Rather than bold, brash, or attention-grabbing statement pieces, we're masters of subtle elegance, modern minimalism, and timeless sophistication that makes you the star of the show and brings out the best in your natural beauty and individual style.


We invite you to tell your very own style story, and let éclater jewellery be the exclamation point! The best version of you is waiting to be expressed. Wear it proudly with éclater!