TANGLED CHAIN: How To Fix Them Without Losing Your Mind

TANGLED CHAINS? Okay, we've been there. We understand how frustrating it is and can easily ruin your day. No, it’s never fun to deal with untangling chains, whether or not you’re in a rush. 

How to untangle a necklace — without losing your mind

These guides will take you through smart and simple ways to keep all your jewelleries untangled and separated. 

There are four main, stress-free ways you can untangle a necklace: you can use baby powder, olive oil, Windex, or just a safety pin.

1. Baby Your Necklace.

What you’ll need: Baby powder, a safety pin or needle, paper towel

What to do: Sprinkle baby powder all over your necklace. Sprinkle generously; you want to coat the entire necklace. The powder product acts as a lubricant and loosens up the knots. Then, using your fingers and the help of a safety pin or needle, start at the center of the knot and gently pull the knot apart as you work outwards. Sprinkle on more powder as needed and keep at it. 

Clean up: Once you’re done, wipe the necklace clean with a paper towel to remove any powder. 

2. Get Oily.

What you’ll need: Olive oil or baby oil product, cotton swab, mild soap or jewelry cleaner, paper towel

What to do: Don’t have any baby powder on hand? Try baby oil or olive oil instead. These lubricate your necklace just as well as baby powder. Dip a cotton swab in the oil, then dab the necklace knot to loosen up the chains. For especially stubborn knots, gently work the oil into the knot by massaging it until it loosens up. 

Clean up: Rinse things off with mild soap and water or jewelry cleaner. Gently dry with a paper towel. 

3. Use Windex. 

What you’ll need: Windex, Tupperware, mild soap, paper towel

What to do: Windex can also safely lubricate your necklace. Dab some Windex onto a cotton swab and apply it to the knot. Then place the necklace in a small container and place it over something that vibrates in your house, like your washing machine. Within a few minutes, the tangles should start to loosen. Rub the knot in your fingers and gently pick it apart.

Clean up: Fill a Tupperware with water and mild soap. Dip the necklace in there and massage it between your fingers. Rinse off with clean water and gently dry with a paper towel.

4. Put a Pin in It. 

What you’ll need: Safety pin, needle, thumbtack, or tiny screwdriver

What to do: If you’re low on the supplies we’ve mentioned above, all is not lost. You can still slowly work away at the tangle using a safety pin, needle, or even a thumbtack or screwdriver. Insert the pin directly into the center of the knot. Use it to slowly wiggle the knot. Then, you can work with two pins, or your fingers, to slowly unravel the chains. Since you’re using something hard with this method (the pin), you want to be particularly gentle as you untangle more delicate necklaces. You want to unravel them, not break the chain. 

Clean up: None required!