If you have a significant following on social media, or are in charge of a media/website publication and are interested in featuring our brand, kindly contact us at info@eclaterjewellery.com



We share 25% of revenue generated with our affiliate partners by default. As the affiliate program matures and as our affiliate partners start to generate a significant amount of revenue, we intend to release higher levels of revenue share in the future.

You can register for an affiliate account here



There are two main ways that we will be using to track the incoming sales from our affiliates.

  • Discount Codes: We can create special discount codes for each affiliate and any order that uses the discount code will be attributed to you.
  • UTM Parameters: UTM parameters are tags that you add to a URL. When orders are made after clicking on a URL with UTM parameters, they will be tagged. Use this to add UTM parameters to your link


The default link to the Alizee Bar Necklace is

Let's say that "Maria", an influencer is marketing eclater's products for us as an affiliate. She could attach the following parameters to her link.

This order is attributed to an Influencer campaign from Maria

The order would then be attributed to her.


Payment Method

We support automatic payment via Paypal. For other forms of receiving payment, please contact us at info@eclaterjewellery.com for further discussion.