Zip Slide Bag

$8 HKD

We are thrilled to unveil our latest innovation in packaging – the Zip Slide Bag! Designed to revolutionize the way you store and protect your precious pieces, this sleek and practical packaging option combines the best features of the classic dust bag with the convenience of a secure zipper closure.

Its user-friendly design. Unlike traditional dust bags that require meticulous folding and tying, our new packaging option simplifies the process with its easy-to-use zipper closure. With just a single slide, you can securely seal your jewelry within the bag, providing quick access whenever you wish to wear or display your cherished pieces.

Since we have already pre-packed some products using the old dust bag packaging, we will be mixing both the new and old packaging together at the same time. This means that customers may randomly receive either one for each item they order.

We understand the sentimental value attached to the existing dustbags you have come to love. We will continue to sell the dust bag for customers who wish to use it for gifting purposes, but it will no longer be the regular packaging option. Gradually, the slide zip bag will replace the dust bag entirely.

Product Details
  • Material: EVA
  • Size: 8 x 8 cm
  • Note: This is ONLY for the Zip Slide Bag, jewellery not included

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